NanoTox 2021 are delighted to have the following sponsorship support –

GOLD Sponsor

EBRC is a privately-owned consulting organisation based in Hannover, Germany, providing consulting services with a focus on chemical, biocidal and agrochemical industries. Specialised scientific experience is available in all key disciplines relevant for product safety with respect to human health and environment. Task force management and coordination of industry consortia is another important aspect of our work. For more details please visit

SILVER Sponsor

As the national metrology institute (NMI) of Korea founded in 1975, KRISS has developed measurement standards technologies that serve as the source of every scientific technology and industrial activity, and provided the technology services at home and abroad. KRISS is affiliated with National Research Council of Science and Technology (NST) which is under the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) in Korea. It’s keys mission are three described as “Establishment of National Measurement Standards”, “Research and Development of Measurement Technologies” and “Dissemination of National Measurement Standards”. As such, KRISS paved the way for the development of national science and technologies (S&T), and played a pivotal role in upgrading the quality of Korea’s key industrial products to a global level. For more details please visit

NanoCASE is a privately-owned consulting company based in Engelburg, Switzerland. We offer an entire service to consider the safety aspects of nanomaterials in their complete life-cycle and to take reasonable precautions. With specialized expertise we evaluate on the base of possible exposure scenarios the possibility of biological effects and establish a sound basis for self-dependent actions according to the up-to-date knowledge regarding the work place as well as consumer product safety. For more details please visit